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Postcard by Blanca Lindsey

Why did I receive a postcard marked "LAST POSTCARD. Visit for more?"

If you've attended one of our conventions before, or have asked to be on our mailing list, we will send you postcards for a few years. If you register again, we take you off of the "non-member" mailing list and put you in the current database, which resets the clock; after the convention, you'll go back onto the non-member list.

Otherwise, if you do nothing, we'll automatically take you off of our non-member list after sending you one with that message on the label. Or right away, if we don't have a good address for you.

Note that if you move, telling the post office your new address does not necessarily keep you on the list. So come here and tell us when you move, if you want to stay on the list.

Why did I receive a postcard marked "Not a member of Anime L.A.?"

This means that when the labeling was printed, you were not in our registration database for next year's convention under the name and address shown on the label.

You may have signed up recently. You might be in our database under another address. You might be a dealer or artist patiently waiting for our Exhibits Division to open up the sales for your spaces.

Basically all it means is your name and address were on our Past Members list when we prepared the labels. When you register, we manually delete you from the past-members list -- it's not automatic.

Special note regarding Gallifrey One: "As of Gallifrey One's 2012 convention we're no longer holding contests for postcard artwork, but if people are interested in contributing, we'd love to hear from them."