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Rev. 28-Feb-2017

Animé Los Angeles 14 (2018) call for postcard art

Who wants to design a postcard for Animé Los Angeles 14 (2018)? The prize is a pound of See's Chocolates. If you just want to be on our postcard mailing list, send us your name and address through this form.

We're going to cram an entire progress report onto one side of a little postcard. What should we put on the other side? We've got full color printing capability. Bleed, even -- you can have color and stuff going right up to the edge.

Postcard Art Contest Rules

  1. Deadline for Spring/Summer Postcard:
    (Pacific time) 11:59 pm on 1 March.

    Deadline for Fall Postcards:
    (Pacific time) 11:59 pm on 1 September.
  2. Dimensions at 300 dpi: 1350x1725 or 1725x1350 pixels.

    Design your art to be 4.5"x5.75" at 300 dpi, and allow for at least 1/8" along the edges where you won't have any text or anything vital to the design. It'll be 4.25"x5.5" once it's trimmed. So, don't have any text or logos within 40 pixels of the edge (1/8") and we should have no trouble trimming it.

  3. You can e-mail the high-resolution version to animela2016 at postcardart dot info, or just publish a link to it on your server. Feel free to send it to us early, as we may have some requests for minor changes (adding the accent to Animé Los Angeles, that kind of thing).

    Or if you are sending artwork made from traditional media, such as an inked or painted piece, please send them to:

    Animé Los Angeles Postcards
    PO Box 17522
    Anaheim CA 92817-7522

  4. Prize for the one we use will be a 1-lb. box of See's chocolates, or something else if you're allergic or dieting. If you've used someone else's art in your composition, get their permission -- you'll be splitting the prize with them.

  5. By contributing art to the postcard contest, you are granting the convention permission to use it for promotional purposes for no more than one year. Your art remains your property, you're just loaning it to us.

  6. Don't use trademarked characters. People dressed up as recognizable characters are acceptable. You may include Animé Angeles's mascot Ala, and fan art of our artist goh's characters is usually allowed. Of course, your own original characters are welcome as well.

  7. We encourage you to include "Ala," our mascot. She wears her dark hair in loops with red beads, and usually wears yellow. We're more likely to select your design if she's on there somewhere.

  8. You may enter as many times as you like.

  9. Please sign your art. Please tell us your name as you would like to be credited on the postcard. We would also appreciate your mailing address so we can send you your See's Gift Certificate, and your phone number in case we spot any issues with your art once we've selected it.

  10. Special note for Fall Postcard Contest: We typically choose two designs, one to tell people about the current convention and another for the "early bird" postcard that gets stuffed in the Reg bags. If you're interested in specifically trying for that postcard, be advised that one needs to be "vertical format" and we may have other special considerations. Write to us for any clarifications you may need.

  11. If you would like to be put on our mailing list, send us a note. Your info will be kept on a computer in California, and will only be used to send you Animé Los Angeles postcards.

Questions and Clarifications

*raises hand* Just a note regarding the postcards and stuff - are these actually being mailed out? Because I wouldn't want to put anyone through the expense of mailing stuff out to Australia &D Would there be scanned, online versions, or could I have my postcards set aside and I'll pick them up at the convention, or can I nominate a friend of mine in the US that they can be sent to? (It's okay, she's going as well!) (2007-09-20 05:38, ryttu3k)

I can afford a couple of 94-cent stamps to send a few postcards down under. And if you're coming to the convention you're entitled to them to be mailed to you. If you insist, though, I can mark them "do not mail" or "mail c/o so-and-so." Digital images will be posted.

Can you posts some samples of what has won before? (2007-09-20 06:01, digitalemerald)

Here you go.

Is the contest open to Quebec residents? (2007-09-25 15:59, Romanadvoratrelundar)

Yes, it's open to everyone on the planet. We'll happily ship. Even to Quebec. See's has a number of different assortments. There's the Assorted Chocolates, the Milk Chocolates, the Soft Centers, the Nuts and Chews, the Chocolate and Variety... For one contest (different convention) the recipient asked for See's peanut brittle, in fact. If you have a See's shop near you, we can just send you a gift certificate and you can go and pick exactly which ones you want. All Bordeaux and Chocolate Cream? Easily done.